At NorthWest, we handle every aspect of your job; from helping select the best generator for you, through the installation process and then into the maintenance of your system once it is up and running. We do not use outside contractors, all of the work for each customer is performed in house by our licensed workers. This includes all gas line installations, propane tank installs and all electrical work. 

Whether you are interested in a generator for your home or business, the benefits of a permanent generator installation include:

  • No extension cables that have to be manually connected
  • Restoration of power automatically within 10 seconds
  • Hands free, automatic startup and shutdown 
  • Whether you are home or away, you have 24/7 protection

North Jersey

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NorthWest Power Service offers back up electrical power solutions to both Residential and Commercial properties.

We are an authorized service dealer for both Generac and Kohler products and we have certified maintenance technicians on staff to work with all our customers. 


We are located in New Jersey. Please your contact us today to set up your at-home consultation on your schedule


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