We install all sizes of generators from small systems designed just to keep the essentials such as lights and computers running to larger systems designed to keep refrigerators and high duty electrical appliances running.  Keeping the lights on will help keep your customers coming back and keep your revenue stream up during and outage.

Commercial Generators

We understand that small businesses drive our economy today and that business owners have much at stake; your brand’s reputation, your staff’s livelihoods, not to mention your significant investments in equipment, electronics, facilities, and inventory. This is why having permanent standby backup power for your business is essential with the ever-increasing level of power outages across the country. 

Our commercial generator installations run up to 200kW. If you require a system larger than 200kW, please contact us for information on industrial generator installations 

Benefits of a Permanent Standby Generator 

Back up power is important for every small business owner.  When an outage occurs, power will automatically be restored to your business within seconds; whether you are open or closed.

Fueling Options

Generators run on natural gas and liquid propane (LP) fuel, providing reduced emissions and maintenance compared to diesel.
We also offer pioneering bi-fuel generators which start on diesel and transition to natural gas as load is applied, providing significantly longer runtimes with less diesel fuel storage. This allows you to choose the standby power system that is the best fit for your business. Please contact us to discuss the type of fuel service best for your installation 

If you own a restaurant or convenience store, your food and produce is everything to you. The financial loss from wasted inventory can be huge. Standby power will protect you from this

Security Systems
Your security system protects your business and a generator will protect your security system giving you peace of mind

Revenue records, inventory, employee information; everything you need for your business runs through computers. Having a standby generator will safeguard your system so you can stay connected and operating during an outage

Gas Pumps
When the power goes out, there is a surge in demand for gas. Having a standby generator keeping your pumps running will allow you to capitalize on this demand

A happy customer is a loyal customer! Standby power system will ensure you keep customers and employees happy with your business environment

Its impossible to operate without the light on, keep your business up and running with standby power

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