Residential Installation Process

​NorthWest Power Service

NorthWest Power Service handles every aspect of your generator installation. We do not use outside contractors. On staff we have both Generac and Kohler certified technicians that work with all our customers. 

The timeline for the installation of your generator will depend on the size of unit you require as well as time it takes for your Township to process the applications. Typically the entire process from receiving your quote to having your system running will take 2-3 months. 

Get your Quote

Call NW Power Service to schedule your in-home consultation. We will review your needs provide a quote for the size and cost of your project. Contracts can be signed right there on the spot. 

Township Permits 

This is usually the most time consuming part of the process. Permits are submitted to your township for the generator installation. NW Power Service handles this process for you and the costs of the permits are included in the original quote/contract. 

Generator PLacement 

We will deliver your generator and place the unit ready for installation as soon as we receive the unit from the manufacture. This is usually within 1-2 weeks of the contract being signed. 

Electrical & Gas Installation 

Once all the permits are granted, we will schedule your installation. This will include gas piping and the electrical wiring from the generator to the Automatic Transfer Switch. The time the install takes will depend on the size of your job ranging from a couple hours to 1-2 days. 


Once your system installation is complete, NW Power Service will arrange with the township to come out for final inspections of the job. This is the final phase of the installation process. 

As will all major household items, your generator system requires regular service to ensure it is running at optimal levels. We offer both annual and semi-annual maintenance contracts for our customers. We are also able to perform warranty repairs on your system if required.